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Rajon Rondo open to re-signing in Dallas

"First of all, I'm misunderstood in general." - Rondo

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It feels a little odd to keep writing articles about Rajon Rondo since he's not here anymore and this has little to nothing to do with us anymore.  Still, he's such an interesting guy and he will have an impact on the free agent market this season, so this is at least worth tracking from that perspective.  Also, call it force of habit.

The news today is that Rondo indicated that he hasn't ruled out re-signing with the Mavericks in the offseason.  I guess that's not really breaking news though.  I mean, what else is he going to say?  Still, this long interview he did with Yahoo's Marc Spears was well done and gives another little peek into his mindset.

For one thing he seems to be fine with his coach.

Rajon Rondo still open to re-signing with Mavericks - Yahoo Sports

"I have probably talked to Rick more than I talked to any coach in my career whether it's watching film, trying to get me up to speed, what he expects out of me, what he would like to see me do more, what he wants me to get away from. It's pretty much an ongoing thing. Doc communicated. [Celtics coach] Brad Stevens and I communicated. I guess because of the transition Rick has been pretty hands on working with my shot and watching film. He is texting me all the time. Before meetings, we always watch film and talk about game schemes, the little things we like to do and work on today. It's fine."

He also talks about how he clashed with former coaches going all the way back to high school and college.  Yet he still keeps in touch with Doug Bibby, Tubby Smith, and Doc Rivers.

I wasn't convinced at the time of the altercation that Rondo was done in Dallas.  I still think that his future there largely will be determined in the playoffs.  If he can be a game changer and help them win a series or two, he'll probably be back on a deal that will pay him handsomely.  Maybe not the max deal I was expecting him to get, but I wouldn't rule it out either if the Lakers or another team gets into a bidding war with all the TV money they're expecting to get soon.

The bottom line for the Celtics is that they didn't want to pay him that money at this stage in his career and their development and they made a move to get something for him while they could.  So this isn't our problem anymore. But it is still kind of fun for me to watch how it unfolds from afar.

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