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Cavs rest stars down the stretch, Celtics win 99-90

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics started off on fire, hitting 55% of their shots in the first half taking a 14 point lead into halftime.  The Cavs erased that entire lead with a big 3rd quarter and then promptly rested LeBron James and Kevin Love for the entire 4th quarter. Kyrie Irving was inactive as well, so it appears that the Cavs were not all that interested in actually winning this game.  The C's were, however, so they finished the game out strong and picked up a much needed win.

As a blogger, I find myself watching games trying to figure out who the star of the game is.  All too often this season I can't figure it out because the shots and buckets are distributed among a lot of different guys (5 guys in double figures, nobody broke 20 points).  So basically what that means is (when it is working) the team concept is clicking and Brad Stevens is the star.

Nice to get the win, but in that 3rd quarter we were reminded just how good LeBron can be when he flips the switch. But all you can do is win the games in front of you right now and worry about the playoffs if and when you get there.

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