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Brad Stevens shoots down rumors around college job openings

Rest easy.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Stevens was a tremendously successful coach in college.  He probably could have had taken his pick of coaching jobs at the college level if anyone had even suspected that he would leave Butler.  He's currently in the middle of a rebuild process so you can at least see why some people might assume that he'd be open to returning to college.

College coaching positions are opening up and the rumors are starting to fly.  The most recent being the Texas job.

This is only natural.  Stevens is going to be at the top of anyone's wish list and it doesn't hurt them to ask around or even name drop (to keep the boosters happy).

Still, I'm not terribly worried about any of it.  Stevens is tasting success at this level and has a great situation in Boston.  He's already getting a lot of respect around the league and is considered one of the best young coaches in the game.

Yesterday he took a moment to shoot down the rumors.

via the Globe

Stevens, who twice took Butler to the Final Four before coming to Boston, was asked before Wednesday's game against the Pacers about interest from Texas.

"I'll be in Boston," he responded.

Danny Ainge also shot down the rumor this morning on the radio.

Of course you could counter with "what else are they going to say?"  You could also say that Stevens left Butler when nobody thought he would (and he made comments to the effect that he would stay).  Still, I don't see Stevens leaving Boston any time soon.

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