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NBA Trade Rumor: Celtics will target DeMarcus Cousins (and just about any star available)

You knew this.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I love those new Captain Obvious commercials (I think they are for Holiday Inn).  I can just picture that guy giving this rumor report for Marc Stein.

Summer Scoop: Boston Celtics - Marc Stein - ESPN

Will they open their war chest of future draft picks to try to pry DeMarcus Cousins away from the Sacramento via trade? The early word out there is: Bank on it. Will they be in the mix for pretty much any name player who unexpectedly comes available in coming months? Bank on that, too. An athletic big man or a scoring threat on the wing would appear to be Boston's two most glaring needs, but Ainge likely won't be choosy. Expect him to try to pounce on the next elite player, at any position, who finds himself being abruptly shopped.

About the only thing in there that's "news" is the fact that he does kinda-sorta site sources in that "early word out there" comment. So take that for what it is worth.

Basically anyone that is available with talent will be on the Celtics radar.

Fireworks anybody?

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