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Colton Iverson hoping to catch on with Celtics

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The Celtics could have used some more center depth this year, but Colton Iverson didn't make the roster in training camp and spent a second season overseas.  That's not a great endorsement of this talents but it isn't a death sentence either.  The team is still keeping tabs on him and both sides still want something to work out.

The Celtics sent some scouts over to Turkey to check in on him and give him some pointers.  It sounds like he's improved in a few areas. In particular in certain areas on offense.

Third time's the charm for Colton Iverson? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

His scoring is down a tick from his first season overseas in Turkey last year, but he's been a more efficient scorer, shooting 60.2 percent from the floor. Synergy Sports' advanced data backs that up. Iverson grades out as one of the more efficient international players while averaging 1.037 points per possession this season (85th percentile among all international players). Iverson knows where his offense comes from: More than a third of his total plays finished have come in the pick-and-roll (34.5 percent), where he's shot 66.2 percent and averaged 1.196 points per play. Another 31.1 percent of his plays finished have come on putbacks.

Sounds to me like they are focusing him on the things he does well rather than asking him to do a lot of average things. That's probably smart because in the NBA you can stick around if you have one or two skills that you do very well.

Defensively it sounds like he's not exactly the rim protector that the Celtics are looking for.  Forsberg points out that he ranks "middle of the pack among all international players" according to Synergy data.

So will Iverson find a spot on the roster this year?  It is too early to tell, really.  It all depends on what Ainge does with the draft, free agency, and trades this year.

Iverson will, however, get to play with the team's summer league squad in both Utah and Vegas this July.  So look for him there.

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