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Danny Ainge wants the Celtics to be "in the game" this summer

Game on!

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If you were looking for a catch phrase to replace "fireworks" you could do worse than being "in the game."  As we've mentioned roughly 1,000,001 times on this blog, the Celtics have draft picks, young players, and cap space.  A sweet triple threat headed into a summer where they could use an upgrade in talent.

Here's what Danny Ainge had to say about it.

Danny Ainge: 'We want to stay in the game' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

"We've tried to put ourselves in the game -- to have those options and to have some opportunities to make big moves," said Ainge. "So I guess that if they're big moves that we like, we do them. If they're big moves that we're not in love with, then we hold off and we wait. Those are the challenging ones. Some of them are very easy to determine; some are very challenging and take a lot of investigation, thought, debate and discussion on our side. But I think you can't just determine that you're gonna wait or you're gonna do it -- it all depends on those opportunities.

"It doesn't mean that there's any guarantee that something like that will happen. So we want to stay in the game until we can do something significant."

He went on to site two contrasting examples. When KG and Ray Allen became available, the Celtics had the pieces to go get them.  When James Harden was available, they simply didn't have the trade assets to be "in the game" like Houston was at the time.

Now they have the trade assets, or rather, they have the ball.  They just need someone to play with.

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