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Marcus Smart gets 2nd team All-Rookie honors

Edged out of 1st team by Clarkson.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Smart was honored by being selected to the 2nd team All Rookie.

Smart on 2nd team | Boston Herald

The balloting closely mirrored that for Rookie of the Year, except when it came to Smart. In both cases, Minnesota’s Andrew Wiggins got the most votes, followed in order by Chicago’s Nikola Mirotic, Philadelphia’s Nerlens Noel and Orlando’s Elfrid Payton. But whereas Smart finished fifth in the Rookie of the Year voting, he was overtaken by Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson for first-team honors. Clarkson finished seventh for Rookie of the Year.

It was considered a close call between Clarkson and Marcus Smart based solely on the performances by each this year.  However, I think most teams would prefer to have Smart on their team gong forward than Clarkson.  Not a big deal, but if Marcus Smart were to use this "slight" as motivation to get even better, I'm all for it.

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