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Ainge discussed trading Paul Pierce to Timberwolves

Imagine if the Big 3 had formed up in Minny.

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There's a great Oral History of Kevin Garnett on bleacher report by Howard Beck.  Lots of great stories in there as you might expect.

One that popped out to me was this quote from Ainge about the trade that brought KG to Boston.  It turns out it might just have easily gone the other way.

KG, the Oral History, Part 2: Glory in Boston, Quirky Traits and Returning Home | Bleacher Report

Danny Ainge, Celtics GM: Because Kevin and I were such close friends, we had numerous conversations over the years [about Garnett]. We realized that Paul [Pierce] and KG would be a great combination. We thought that they really complemented each other well. So we discussed the possibility of Paul going to Minnesota or KG coming to Boston, like which way is the best way to do it.

Can you imagine Pierce and KG playing together for the Wolves?  Talk about a different future for both franchises.

In other "thank goodness that didn't happen" news, it sounds like KG was really close to being sent to the Lakers.

Phil Jackson: Dr. [Jerry] Buss came to me and said, "I have a handshake agreement with Taylor, that he's going to come to L.A. But McHale hasn't concurred yet." So I said, "Well that's a good excuse." You always, as an owner, say, "I'll do this, but ..." So I kept that hope out there, that he was gonna be a part of the Laker organization.

Apparently McHale liked Al Jefferson better than Bynum.  Funny how things work out.

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