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Celtics may have interest in JaVale McGee (again)

Second time's a charm?

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Remember when the Celtics had all but signed JaVale McGee and all that was left was the final negotiations and paperwork?  That fell through over the terms of the deal.  Both sides wanted to have the option rights on the deal.

McGee didn't end up signing with anyone last year, so he's still a free agent and perhaps one the Celtics will look at.

Could Boston Celtics sign JaVale McGee? | Comcast SportsNet -

The sticking point previously was the Celtics’ desire to have a team option following the 2015-2016 season while McGee’s camp instead wanted a player option. Boston’s salary cap situation this summer coupled with the league’s overall salary cap improvement the following year could pave the way for a two-year deal with McGee having an option to explore free agency in 2016 when many teams are expected to have substantial cap space to spend courtesy of the league’s new national TV deal kicking in.

The Celtics were wise not to lock in with McGee since his positive impact was not likely going to outweigh the cap hold he would have represented had the team agreed to his terms.  The Celtics needed maximum cap flexibility this summer and they have that.

I don't think McGee will be anywhere near a priority this summer, but once the dust settles and the Celtics figure out what holes they've filled and what needs they still have, I could absolutely see the two sides coming together on a deal that puts him in Boston for a year or two.

As he was at the time, JaVale represents a high risk, low cost, reasonable upside opportunity.  He excels at exactly what the Celtics need and the hope would be that a positive team culture led by Brad Stevens would be what he needs to get his career moving in a positive direction.  Even if he just uses the opportunity to jump to a better contract down the line it would be worth it to add that element to our rotation.  And if he flakes out on us, the investment wouldn't be all that much and the team could simply waive him or trade him elsewhere.

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