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Build your own Boston Celtics offseason rumor

Sources: Celtics interested in [insert name here]

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Rumor season is upon us and it is difficult to keep up with all the names and faces.  In fact, this blogging business is becoming pretty repetitive at this point.  So in an effort to save time and resources, I've constructed this helpful form for you create your own rumors.  The best part is that they will all be true, not matter how outlandish they might sound in your head.  Enjoy.

The Celtics enjoyed unexpected success this past season and are looking to build upon that momentum by upgrading their talent this summer.  They have a unique opportunity to cash in on a very favorable rebuilding position.  Ainge has set the team up with a bevy of draft picks, young talent, and cap flexibility.

Sources close to the team indicate that they are very interested in adding [insert name here] to upgrade their [frontcourt | backcourt] and give them some much needed [pick 2 or more: shooting | rebounding | versatility | defense | rim protection].

Of course the Celtics won't be the only ones in the race.  Expect the [insert any 3 teams here] to be in the mix as well. If Danny Ainge wants to make it happen, he'll probably have to [trade up in the draft | include some of his future picks | overpay | pay the max or close to it | add another star first].  Still, Danny is known for being one of the most creative GMs in the business and he'll work hard to make something happen.

If that falls through, the team will be very interested in [insert any 3 names here] as well.

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