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NBA Mock Draft: CelticsBlog community mock draft - Pick 1

You make the picks.

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We're less than a month away from the NBA draft (June 25th)!  Who's getting excited?

There's still plenty of time to kill and research to do between now and then and I thought it would be fun to do a community mock draft.  The basic idea is that we give you the chance to vote for the players you think are the best prospects for each selection in the draft. Feel free to consider team needs but I would urge you to default to best-player-available as much as possible since that is what most teams will at least claim is their draft strategy.

We will provide a few of the top choices left on the board as well as an "other" option.  The player with the most votes by the time we post the next post will be selected.  If we miss someone and "other" dominates the voting, then we might create a new poll or even a new post.  We'll make our way at least to the Celtics' pick at 16.  If there's time we'll go all the way up to 28 or even 30.

First up is the Cavs... err, (oops, force of habit) the Timberwolves with the first pick.  Most observers consider this to be a two man race between the best bigs in the draft.  But there's also a semi-consensus top 4.  Who would you take with the number one pick?

Also, feel free to use the comments section to debate Towns vs. Okafor, who the 3rd best prospect is, and other interesting discussions.

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