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NBA Mock Draft: CelticsBlog community mock draft: Pick 2

You be the GM!

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With the first pick in the CelticsBlog community mock draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Karl-Anthony Towns!

Most of you guys chose Karl-Anthony Towns as the first pick.  Not a surprise.  Towns provides the length and defensive capabilities that Jahlil Okafor lacks, and his play style fits what Minnesota is trying to do with their young core.

Up to bat is the Los Angeles Lakers, who moved up to the number two spot in the draft.  The Lakers were a team that struggled all season, and the early loss of Kobe Bryant was no help.  This team needs all the help they can get.  They have no young star and this may be Kobe's final year .  Last year, the Lakers drafted Julius Randle 7th overall, but the promising big man broke his tibia in his first 14 minutes as a pro.  His fellow rookie, Jordan Clarkson, had a successful rookie campaign as a second rounder and could potentially be apart of LA's future.

Currently (aside from Kobe), the Lakers core is Jordan Hill (who will never live up to his contract!!!!!!) and Nick Young.  Hill can be a contributor but has no business starting for a contending team.  Young...well...he's Nick Young...there is no other way to describe him.

So the Lakers have a wide variety of talent to choose from.  It seems as though the top two picks is a toss-up between Towns and Jahlil Okafor, meaning whoever doesn't go first will most likely go next.  After all, Okafor is an NBA-ready big man who can be a contributor from day one.  This is LA, there is no time for patience and developing!

Aside from Okafor, potential players that LA can target is D'Angelo Russell and Emmanuel Mudiay.  Russell was a surprise star on Ohio State and has incredible vision of the floor.  Mudiay is a more explosive guard with better size, however, he played in China rather than in college.

Potential underdogs for the number 2 pick are Justise Winslow and Kristaps Porzingis.  Winslow was one of the better players on the NCAA Champion Duke Blue Devils, and he offers everything from slashing to shooting to lockdown defense.  Porzingis is a Latvian big man with both three point shooting and rim protection abilities.

So throw on Mitch Kupchak's shoes and be the GM.  Who would you choose with the second overall pick?

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