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NBA Draft Rumor: Celtics looking to trade up into the lottery

To the surprise of no one.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Celtics would like to trade up into the lottery.  Everyone assumed this to be true and the team hinted around this recently, but I had not seen this specific rumor reported before now.

Celtics want to move up in draft, but need a trade partnerBoston Celtics want to move up in NBA draft, but need trade partner | Comcast SportsNet -

The Celtics have the 16th overall pick but has made it known to fellow executives that they would like to get into the lottery area (top 14). Danny Ainge, Celtics president of basketball operations, confirmed to that the Celtics have some interest in moving up in the draft but added that there’s no one specific player they're looking to draft.

Our own Kevin O'Connor took a great look at potential trades and trading partners that the Celtics could consider.

Obviously they'll need someone willing to trade down, and getting into the lottery will cost the Celtics picks and/or players. But it is something to keep an eye on.

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