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Boston Celtics Daily Links 5/4/15

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place.

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Herald  LeBron lifts media blackout to call Chris Paul
Danny Ainge confident Isaiah Thomas will produce regardless of role
Globe  Stephen Curry Wins NBA MVP Award
Which Players Should the Celtics Pursue?
Brad Stevens has changed the way NBA executives perceive college coaches

CelticsBlog  The Boston Celtics have the pieces to trade up and grab the prospect they are targeting
Offseason SWAGs for the Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics exit interviews: Jae Crowder
ESPN  2015: Boston's cap space journey
Lex Nihil Novi  Red has Words with Delk
Wizards Sans Jordan Visit Fleet
Chuck Da Three and Play D

Red's Army  Your Morning Dump… Where climbing up the eastern conference will be tough
CLNS Radio  Boston Celtics: Week in Review
Jay King: I don’t expect fireworks, but they'll [Boston Celtics] definitely improve their roster."
CSNNE   Brad Stevens All the young guys have to improve
Wiggins absorbs lessons from former Celtic Kevin Garnett
CSN Bay Area   Grizzlies' Allen becomes villain in Oracle
CSN Washington  Pierce: 'Pressure is all on' Hawks

Celtics Hub  Danny Ainge Press Conference Part Two: Reflecting On The 2014-15 Celtics
Rebuilding Inside-Out: Why Danny Ainge's Offseason Plan For The Celtics Is Quietly Genius
Mass Live  An investigation of whether Tony Allen meant to walk through childrens performance
Cheat Sheet  Will DeMarcus Cousins Be in Sacramento Next Season?
Chowder and Champions  Boston Celtics: Trading for DeMarcus Cousins Isn't Best Option
Bleacher Report  NBA Commissioner Sends Veiled Warning to Players' Union Regarding Labor Deal
Clarkson's Emergence Means Lakers Should Avoid Rondo
SB Nation Tony Allen interrupts dancing kids at Warriors game

Triangle Offense   LaMarcus Aldridge Remains Quiet About Free Agency: "I’ll Cross That Bridge Later On"
Complex  Manny Pacquiao Once Delayed a Fight to Watch an NBA Playoff Game
Hoops Habit  Boston Celtics: DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas Reunited?
The Roar  DeMarcus Cousins would put Boston back in contention in the East
Dispatch  The Mailbox: Did referees allow Celtics to bring Bad Boys back to NBA vs. Cavaliers?
Scoop Nest  isaiah thomas amp allen iverson share moment vegas hours before maypac
Morning Journal  Bob Finnan’s NBA notes: Examining Kevin Love’s contract options
Today's Fast Break  Celtics Want DeMarcus Cousins, but Kings Have Little Interest in Trade

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