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Celtics trade rumor: Would you trade Isaiah Thomas for Ty Lawson?

That might be an option this summer.

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Clearly the Celtics need to increase their talent.  The only position they can reasonably assume to have covered is point guard, right?  I mean, they've got the heir apparent in Marcus Smart and the super-sub 6th man Isaiah Thomas in place and a few other guys that can play point in a pinch or for mop up duty.  So with so many other areas that the Celtics could improve there's no way that they'd target yet another point guard, ...right?

Obviously you read the title and you know what's coming.  Cue the voice over "Not so fast!"

The latest rumor from Zach Lowe is that the Celtics might target Ty Lawson (who they tried to trade for at the deadline before settling on the "cheaper" Isaiah Thomas).

First-Round Epitaph: How the NBA’s Playoff Casualties Will Spend for the Future "

But don’t count out the Celtics just because they have Thomas — a warning that should apply to lots of teams with established starting point guards. Lawson is really good, and Denver’s thinning trade market presents opportunity for a surprise suitor to strike. Denver will need a point guard if it deals Lawson,5 and the Celtics acquired Thomas in part because his cheapo contract is so easy to trade.

This begs the question: Is Lawson an upgrade over Isaiah Thomas?

Boston Celtics trade rumors 2015: Despite presence of Isaiah Thomas, 'don't count out' a surprise run at Ty Lawson, according to report |

At his best, Lawson is more than capable, a storm of speed who rushes through defenses, draws free throws, hits a solid percentage from deep, and has become one of the NBA's better assist men. Though he's coming off a rough second half of the 2014-15 season, the steep drop in production might have been fueled by circumstances.

At his best Lawson has been better than Thomas, but there have been off court questions (arrested for DUI, apparent clashes with coach Brian Shaw) and on court struggles in the 2nd half of last year (in stark contrast with the way Thomas fit in and thrived in Stevens' system).

Dempsey: Why Ty Lawson's time in Denver may be nearing the end - The Denver Post

Once considered an untouchable on the Nuggets' roster, the point guard's actions over the past two years have done everything to remove himself from that space. His new reality? He's as susceptible to the next good trade offer as any other tradeable player in the NBA. If Lawson wants to remain with the Nuggets, he has an uphill battle to convince the organization there are enough good reasons to put him back on the untouchable list.

If Ainge does believe that Lawson is the better short and long term fit (he's just a year older than Thomas), then it begs the question: What other piece or pieces will they have to put in the deal to get Denver to bite?

I'll leave this one here for you all to debate.

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