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NBA Mock Draft 2015: Chad Ford's early mock draft selects Hollis-Jefferson for Celtics

Starting to feel a little drafty in here.

Harry How/Getty Images

It is never too early to start mocking the draft, ...I mean, doing mock drafts.  Chad Ford gives it a whirl even though we don't actually know the draft order in the lottery yet.

For the Celtics, he selects Rondae Hollis-Jefferson with the first pick and Robert Upshaw with the 2nd.  Here's what he said about RHJ.

Chad Ford makes picks as the GM of every NBA team -- 2015 NBA draft

I confess that Hollis-Jefferson is one of my favorite players in this draft. I know he can't shoot and the Celtics need someone who can do more than play hard. But man, does he do everything else so well. He's so tough, so versatile and if he could ever get his jump shot straightened out, he could be a Kawhi Leonard-type player. I don't know how the Celtics would score with Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and Hollis-Jefferson on the floor. But I also don't know who could score against them.

I'm not sure if I could handle another guy that can't shoot and has a first name that is so similar to Rondo.

In the 2nd round he picks Cedi Osman and Chris Walker. So there's that.

Feel free to overreact in the comments below.

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