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Rumor: Will Kevin Love leave the Cavs for the Lakers?

Love Again

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If you thought that last year's "Summer of Love" was intolerable, I have bad news for you.  The sequel is usually not any better.

Kevin Love watch is officially on now that he's (likely) out for the playoffs.

Cavaliers reportedly have 'legitimate fear' that Kevin Love leaves as free agent -

"I think he has all year long looked longingly at free agency and the possibility of what else is out there," Wojnarowski said of Love. The Cavaliers were hoping that a playoff run full of big moments for the star forward could convince him to stick around in a supporting role on a contender, but his season-ending injury has put an end to that. Now, Love will make his decision "based on a regular season where he hasn't embraced or loved that role -- that Chris Bosh [role]."

So that means that the Celtics have a shot, right?  Well, maybe, but at least according to Sean Deveney (usually pretty well plugged in on the Celtics) Boston is behind the Lakers in the early stages of this race.

Celtics offseason: DeMarcus Cousins? Greg Monroe? Boston may stay quiet | NBA | Sporting News

The dream, of course, is that Kevin Love will opt out in Cleveland and hit the market this summer, where he would be the centerpiece in Boston rather than a role player with the Cavs. Not likely. If Love does leave the Cavs this year, he’s much more likely to do so in order to go home to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around a lineup of Rajon Rondo, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Love coached by Byron Scott.  That's either brilliant or madness and I wish we had one of their picks just in case it was the latter.

We'll keep you updated on developments.  Sorry in advance.

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