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NBA Mock Draft: CelticsBlog community mock draft: Pick 5

Scott Skiles has a bunch of kids to coach.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

With the forth pick in the CelticsBlog community mock draft, the New York Knicks select...Emmanuel Mudiay.

This seems like a Knicks pick.  They haven't had a real, dynamic, playmaking guard since the days of Stephon Marbury (apologies to Nate Robinson).  J.R. Smith is gone and Carmelo Anthony needs someone else to help score.  In theory he could fit into the triangle offense as well.

With that said, there is a rumor that the Knicks have their eyes on another prospect that would be a tremendous reach if they picked him at 4th overall.

Atlantic Notes: Knicks, Sixers, Portis | Hoops Rumors

The Knicks are "enamored" with Kentucky forward Trey Lyles, according to Frank Isola of The New York Daily News. Team president Phil Jackson reportedly sees Lyles as a perfect fit for the team’s triangle offense.

Perhaps they'd be interested in trading back in the draft with a certain team that holds the 16th pick?  We'll have to wait till draft night to find out.

Anyway, in our mock draft, this puts the Orlando Magic on the clock.  They just hired Scott Skiles to be their new head coach.  Skiles has had some success in his previous NBA jobs.  He has also worn out his welcome at times. Consider this scathing prediction from Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie.

Scott Skiles is the new head coach in Orlando, for better or worse | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports

Scott Skiles, because spots don’t change, will eventually tire of his role, and his players will tire of him. The offense, heavy on passing but also mid-range jumpers, will fail in this modern era. Skiles’ sarcasm will leak out in reports both on record and off, and both he and his players will want a parting of ways. Skiles, understandably, will want all the guaranteed money left on his contract, and he’ll push to be fired rather than walking away. Jim Boylan will be hired as interim head coach upon his removal.

For the Magic's sake, I hope it won't come to all that, but you never know.

So who's the next best prospect on the board?  Things get very hard to predict at this point.  The consensus seems to be that there are 2 great centers and 4 top prospects.  With that said, the best player in this draft (as we evaluate years from now) could very well be one of the guys that comes after pick 4.

Could it be one of the international men of mystery or a local product?  A big or a wing? The last two drafts produced guards, but that doesn't mean they'll rule another one out.

So who should the Magic pick?

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