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NBA Mock Draft: CelticsBlog community mock draft: Pick 13

Best player available. Best player available. Best player available.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the 12th pick in the NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select... Devin Booker.

The Jazz get themselves a wing shooter to help space the floor for the rest of their young squad.

Next up on the clock is the Phoenix Suns.  This is also the range where things get very interesting for the Celtics as a lot of the guys they might be targeting could be slipping or getting gobbled up by now.

The Suns are yet another team that might prefer to gather more win-now pieces than take on more young prospects, but if they can't find a deal I would imagine they'd go with the best player available strategy rather than worry about fit or need.

Several solid prospects are still on the board from Oubre to Payne to Dekker to Portis and so forth.  I'm not sure who stands out above the rest.  It might come down to a team's type preference.  Do the Suns want a guy who's a gamble but has a high ceiling or do they want a solid rotation guy that know will give them minutes but never be a star?

Make you selection below.

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