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Kevin O'Connor's 2015 NBA Draft Guide is available now!

Watch the video preview of Kevin O'Connor's 2015 NBA Draft Guide!

For NBA fans looking for another resource to satisfy their NBA Draft night needs, I'm releasing my NBA Draft Guide for the second year in a row. What brings so many of you to SB Nation -- and what first brought me here -- is to get an alternative perspective on your favorite team. I hope I bring that same unique look at the draft in my guide.

The $10 eBook has full-page scouting reports of my top 60 prospects, analysis of my full top-100, team-by-team previews, a two-in-one mock and some essays on the draft. After last year's guide, I hired a designer to create these beautiful pages that you can see in the video above or by clicking here to view a PDF preview.

This guide is great for hardcore basketball fans that sit on the edge of their seat during every playoff game and for casual fans that just want to catch up on the prospects their favorite team may draft. It's also very useful for fans to reference during the season, since so many rookies will be playing heavy minutes.

You'll see the same kind of analysis I used to declare Kristaps Porzingis a potential steal of the draft before all the hype, describe how Karl Anthony-Towns is built for the modern era and explain why D'Angelo Russell is the top point guard prospect.

Click below to buy now using PayPal.

The guide is $10. Every dollar is truly appreciated. PayPal accepts most credit cards. If the file doesn't download immediately after the receipt page, please send me an email at or tweet me at the handle below and I will process it to you by the end of the day. Thank you so much!


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