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NBA Finals Game 5 Gamethread - Warriors vs. Cavaliers

Game 5: Sunday, June 14 at Golden State, 8 p.m. ET (ABC)

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors won game 4 by getting back to being themselves.

The Warriors adjusted back to themselves -

Pace is everything for Golden State, and while this wasn't the helter-skelter game in which the Warriors have thrived all season, it was played at a much crisper tempo than previous ones. The Warriors didn't run so much as they moved quickly. They pushed the ball up the court on made shots and misses. They passed in the half court to set up shots and to get the Cavs' defense on the move. They kept Steph Curry on the run instead of allowing the Cavs to double team him whenever he had the ball. This was an adjustment to get back to some semblance of normalcy for Golden State. In other words, they adjusted back to being themselves.

Will Blatt find a counter or will the Warriors continue to roll?  Time to find out.

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