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NBA Draft rumor: Celtics may target Willie Cauley-Stein if they trade up

Wanted: Rim protector

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me when you've heard this before, the Celtics need rim protection and Willie Cauley-Stein is a really good rim protector. Ok, you stopped me, but feel free to keep reading.  Or don't, I'm cool, I'm Trill.

So the worst kept secret in the NBA is that the Celtics would really like to move up in the draft.  Put all these things together and it is no surprise that the following rumor is picking up steam.

Chat: Chat with Chad Ford - SportsNation - ESPN

They're trying to move up. Charlotte is a great target as they could move back a few spots, get a shooter and another asset from the Celtics. I think Boston would love to get Cauley-Stein if he was there at 9. Or a wing like Hezonja or Winslow.

2015 NBA Draft rumors: Boston Celtics would love Willie Cauley-Stein if they move up to No. 9 |

"The Hornets also really like both Kelly Oubre and R.J. Hunter," Ford wrote. "I'm told they'll explore options to trade back into the mid to late teens if they can land a valuable veteran as well for the No. 9 pick. One team to watch in that scenario? Boston. They've been exploring moving up for a while and would be especially thrilled if Willie Cauley-Stein was still on the board."

In case you need more words, here are more words.

Chris Mannix: Willie Cauley-Stein the 'dream scenario' for Boston Celtic

"Cauley-Stein is arguably the best defensive big man in the draft," said Mannix. "He's a mobile, active seven-footer that can bang at the post and excels at the perimeter. The pick and roll is the NBA's bread and butter play, having a center like Cauley-Stein who can stay in front of guards is invaluable. "It's unlikely Cauley-Stein is still on the board at 16, but he is the kind of player the Celtics might consider moving up to grab."

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't heard already, WCS is a unique kind of kid.  Need an example?  I've got the perfect one.  He legally changed his middle name to "Trill" ...and didn't even know what that meant.

Willie Trill Cauley-Stein doesn't know what his new middle name means | NBA | Sporting News

Per Urban Dictionary, "trill" means either "true and real" or "too real." But when asked which he intended, Cauley-Stein gave the most trill answer possible. "Neither. It's my nickname. I honestly didn’t even know what it meant," Cauley-Stein told Sporting News at a Hornets NBA Draft workout Wednesday. "My boys and everybody on campus were calling me that, and I just went with it." That’s right, Cauley-Stein legally changed his middle name to a word without even knowing its meaning. Trill.

Well alright then.

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