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NBA Draft trade rumor: Celtics "intent on moving up in the draft"

I'll take your pick!

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Chad Ford published his latest mock draft today and he does his best to gather intel from around the league (which I always find more interesting than his pick predictions anyway).

Here's what he said about the Cetlics:

The Celtics seem to be intent on moving up in the draft. The question is whether their assets (a bunch of solid young players and some middling first-round picks) can get them there.

In related news, he also mentions a number of lottery teams looking to trade back or out of the lottery in exchange for immediate help.

After the first five picks are off the board, things will start to get interesting. Five of the next six teams in the draft -- the Kings, Pistons, Hornets, Heat and Pacers -- all have playoff aspirations next season and if the right offer comes along, these picks can definitely be had.

So who do you think the Celtics would be targeting that high in the draft?  What package of players and picks would you be willing to move to get in that range?  Food for thought, if these teams need immediate help for a playoff run, maybe they'd ask for Isaiah Thomas.  Or maybe Jared Sullinger would be enough to entice them to move back.  I think I'd like to hang on to the future Nets picks if at all possible.

One mock draft on had the Celtics trading all their 2015 picks to the Kings for the 6th pick.  I think I'd be happy with that result no matter who they picked there (SI projects that they take WCS).

NBA Mock Draft: Jahlil Okafor edges Karl-Anthony Towns for No. 1 in new projections - NBA -

[Trade: Celtics acquire No. 6 pick from Kings in exchange for No. 16, No. 28 and No. 33 pick.] With Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins in place and having taken Nik Stauskas last season, the Kings could pass on a slew of top-notch wings and frontcourt types and deal the pick to a team like Boston in order to acquire more assets. The Celtics roster features several skilled young bigs, but none with the ability to anchor a defense like Cauley-Stein. He’ll thrive alongside a solid guard corps and help push Boston’s rebuild forward.

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