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Rumor: Paul Pierce will choose between Wizards and Clippers

Will Doc convince him to leave money on the table?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago Doc Rivers signed big man Spencer Hawes over Paul Pierce and ended up regretting that decision. Hawes quickly fell out of favor with Rivers and Pierce flourished in a diminished role on the upstart Wizards.

Now Hawes has left town via trade and Doc Rivers is apparently hoping for a do-over with his old friend.

Paul Pierce has revealed that he is going to play next season.  He's going to opt out of his current contract but that doesn't necessarily mean he's leaving the Wizards.  It just gives him some options.

The Wizards’ potential plan if Paul Pierce doesn’t return - The Washington Post

The 10-time all-star will likely decide between two teams for his 18th campaign: the Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers. Pierce emphasized he loved his year with the Wizards, guiding the Wizards’ young core and getting another crack at the postseason in a more diminished role.


The Clippers will likely only be able to offer Pierce the mini-midlevel exception of $3.37 million, but they are arguably closer to hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy than the Wizards — even in the tough Western Conference — and provide Pierce two amenities the Wizards cannot: A return home and a reunion with Doc Rivers.

Paul Pierce 'definitely' playing next season with either Washington Wizards or Los Angeles Clippers

Washington will be able to offer Pierce a new deal starting in excess of $6 million once he opts out.

It seems like it boils down to loyalty to Doc vs. more money in Washington, but it isn't really that simple.  Doc didn't exactly help himself by passing over Pierce last year and it isn't like the Wizards are chopped liver.  In fact, in the easier Eastern Conference, you could argue that he'd have a better shot at competing for a ring there.

Either way, it will be interesting to see where he picks to (likely) finish out his career.

Then, if I get my wish, we might just see him on the Celtics staff in some capacity after his playing days are over.

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