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NBA trade rumor: The DeMarcus Cousins rumors won't die

This will continue to be a story until something happens.

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Kings GM Vlade Divac denied that DeMarcus Cousins is on the trade block.  The Kings owner is reportedly steadfastly against trading Cousins.  And yet the feeling I get is that the DeMarcus Cousins situation is beyond repair in Sacramento and sooner or later he's going to be dealt.  Draft night is a time when a lot of things like this get resolved, so I'm kind of expecting something to happen then.  However, it might drag on into the summer as well.  Think the Kevin Love drama that dominated a few months of our time last year.

If (and when) Cousins is officially shopped around by the Kings, they'll have a lot of other suitors.  If Karl gets his wish and gets established players, then the Celtics probably aren't seriously in the discussion.

Draft Buzz: Possible landing spots for Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins -

Karl's former team, Denver, also is a possibility -- with Malone and D'Alessandro there and with Karl pushing the idea of "putting the band back together" from his Nuggets tenure, a person with knowledge of the situation said. League sources say Karl is enamored with the idea of a deal that would send Kenneth Faried, Ty Lawson and Wilson Chandler to Sacramento.

However, if the Kings over-rule Karl and/or decide that they can flip draft picks for players, then the Celtics might be in prime bidding position with all their picks and young players.

But what would it take to get Cousins?  I haven't the foggiest idea, but here's one suggestion by Zach Harper.

A guide to your favorite NBA team trading for DeMarcus Cousins -

Boston Celtics receive: DeMarcus Cousins, Nik Stauskas

Sacramento Kings receive: Gerald Wallace, Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger, 2016 first-round pick (Mavs, protected), 2017 first-round pick (Grizzlies, protected), 2015 pick (#16)

Personally, I'd do that deal.  It is a lot, don't get me wrong, but we keep the Nets picks and our own future picks.  We'd consolidate the bigs rotation into a big upgrade.  Sure, we'd lose Smart and that ...smarts, but we'd still have Isaiah Thomas and we could use that core to attract a free agent or two into the fold.  If Stauskas can get back on track and realize some of his potential that he showed in college, even better.


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