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NBA trade rumors: Your daily article about the Celtics possibly moving up in the draft

Nothing new, just more speculation.

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This isn't a rumor and it isn't even new news. I just thought I'd start a new thread on the same topic.  Because blogging. Enjoy!

Green Street " Chris Mannix on MFB: ‘I’d be surprised if Boston didn’t get in the top 10′ of NBA draft

"I’d be surprised if Boston didn’t get in the top 10," Mannix said. "Three might be a leap. … I don’t think [the Celtics] are going to get that high, but pick number six with Sacramento is available. We’ve all heard the DeMarcus Cousins talk that’s out there, and that pick could be packaged with Cousins in a blockbuster deal with the Kings that probably wouldn’t involve Boston. But if the Cousins talk falls through, I think the Kings are more than willing to move back into the teens, in exchange for some kind of serviceable role player. "I don’t know who that could mean on Boston’s roster, it could be [Jared] Sullinger, it could be [Kelly] Olynyk, it could be any number of guys. No. 9 I think is available too with Charlotte

I too would be surprised if they didn't get into the top 10.  There's just too much incentive for Ainge to get something done and too many teams willing to trade back.  At this point I know I'd be disappointed if we made our pick at 16 (unless something even better came along). Maybe that's me buying into the rumor hype and maybe I'm underestimating the guys we could get at 16.  But Ainge certainly seems motivated to move up and I think that's for a reason.  We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

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