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NBA trade rumor: Celtics have discussed Anthony Bennett deal with Timberwolves

Low risk, mediocre reward?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Ainge loves talent and he loves to buy low on guys that didn't work out elsewhere.  Hey, look who might be coming to town! Former number one overall pick Anthony Bennett.

There's a small error on that tweet.  The Wolves don't have the 38 pick, it is the 36 pick.

Well this came out of nowhere huh?  If only a smart blogger could have predicted this a couple of days ago.  Oh wait...

This kind of move wouldn't really surprise me.  I'm not sure it would really work out since Bennett has been so bad in his first two stops, but it is somewhat low cost.  The only thing that gives me pause is his salary.  As a former number 1 pick, he's making $5.8M next season and the team has an option (that I believe they have to decide on soon - but don't quote me on that) for $7.3M next year.  Seems like a lot to spend on a guy that has thus far been a complete bust.

But we'll see.

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