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NBA Draft: Celtics rumors, updates, and speculation

Basketball Christmas!

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The NBA Draft is happening tonight folks. Get excited!

The Celtics are in the middle of just about every rumor.  Trades are already happening and could be setting us up for a very entertaining night of moves.  Danny Ainge has made it crystal clear that he's interested in moving up in the draft and the Celtics have been mentioned as a possible destination for just about every free agent or disgruntled star out there.  And it seems like we are just getting started.

Buzzworthy: Celtics at center of NBA noise - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

Here's the thing: The rumor mill will only intensify after the draft and won't slow down until mid July. If the Cousins and Love situations prove anything, it's that Boston -- with looming cap space, young talent and a ridiculous pile of future draft picks -- will interject itself into every conversation about an available player (regardless of whether it's via the trade or free-agency route).

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day on CelticsBlog and obviously stick with us for the draft tonight.  We've got a writer (Justin Dazinger) that will be on the scene, we've got draft guru extraordinaire Kevin O'Connor to break down the picks, and your's truly will be rumormongoring all night long.  Basically, we've got you covered.

This should be a fun day.

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