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Quick Reaction: Boston Celtics select Louisville guard, Terry Rozier

Don't panic.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Celtics fans, relax: Terry Rozier will grow on you. He's cut from the same cloth as Marcus Smart, and you love him once you see him defend. He goes hard on defense with an intense mentality, willing to dive on the floor for loose balls or defend larger players. He has excellent lateral quickness and a strong frame, giving him the versatility to translate that skill to the NBA level.

I had him ranked low in my big board, but re-evaluated in recent weeks, moving him up into the late 20s. But I wasn't willing to push him up further, as his success likely would've depended on situation. His feel for the game is only average and his decision-making is questionable. He shot Louisville out of some games with low percentage threes early in the the shot clock.

But he's also a speed demon with the ball in his hands. The ball doesn't slow him down. His change of speed ability improved over the course of the season as he gained more reps at point guard, as did his pace. He models his game after Dwyane Wade and it's obvious with the way he maneuvers through screens and weaves around defenders. He lacks Wade's size and length, but the ability is there.

Rozier is also a good spot up shooter and has the potential to shoot off screens, though he must extend his range an improve on his footwork. This is a concern, but his game will be largely dependent on penetration.

The primary question with Rozier was whether or not he'd be able play under a coach in a system that'll teach him how to play a team game. With the Brad Stevens, he can do that. That's why he was 21st on my Celtics Big Board. This isn't an outrageous pick, despite the fact the team already has two point guards on the roster in Smart and Isaiah Thomas. The Celtics likely considered him the best player available. Rozier improved as a passer as the year progresse, again as his reps at point guard increased.

Finding opportunities in year one for Rozier might be difficult, but none of the other players available likely would've been immediate game changers. Rozier can spend time learning how to make better decisions on the floor under the instruction of Brad Stevens, just like Smart did last season.

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