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Will the Celtics follow up the draft by trading a point guard?

Will the other shoe drop?

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The Celtics have selected another point guard in Terry Rozier.  Obviously the Celtics felt like he was the best player available at this point in the draft.  Many would disagree but none of that matters now.  He joins a crowded backcourt already manned by Marcus Smart and Isaiah Thomas.

I have to raise the obvious question: Is one of them going to be traded this offseason?

Marcus Smart was the number 6 pick just a year ago and is assumed to be the future of the franchise. However, he also likely has the highest trade value on the roster.  We've been hearing rumblings around Smart for a couple of days, but they usually involved him being packaged to move up in the draft.  Maybe he'll be part of a deal for Cousins or someone else?

Isaiah Thomas was a great value pickup for the Celtics at the trade deadline and he's on a very reasonable contract.  He could be an attractive piece for another team to add.

Rozier just got here but it is possible that he was picked for another team in this spot and we just don't know it yet.  (Though early word from most outlets is that he was picked for the Celtics to keep).

The problem here is the story we've been hearing going back to the Rondo rumors.  That is that the point guard position is saturated right now and not a lot of teams need help at that position.

At some point they need to level out this roster.  But there's a lot of time left in the offseason to move guys around.

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