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Celtics select RJ Hunter with the 28th pick

Celtics get a shooter.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics have selected R.J. Hunter with the 28th pick.  I'm actually more excited about this pick than I am the 16 pick.

R.J. Hunter is showing NBA teams he's more than a one-shot wonder -

When asked about how he received Kyle Korver-like attention from the defense, Hunter took the blame and said his struggles were due to poor shot selection and a minor mechanical issue. He said he was flicking his wrist and pulling it back instead of following through with the ball. "There are a lot of good shooters out there, but they'll never make it because they don't have a feel for the game. I feel like I have that feel," Hunter said. Though Hunter's percentages dropped, his all-around shooting versatility still showcased his feel. He is excellent at relocating off-ball to find open space and he's constantly getting better at hustling through screens to shake off his defender. Once he's provided more spacing as a complementary player to begin his career, Hunter should be able to flaunt his smooth jumper with unlimited range.

So the return for losing Doc Rivers is a young deep threat.  Interesting.

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