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Drafting of Terry Rozier could lead to a big-name trade for the Celtics

So we're all still sorting through the why's and how's of the Boston Celtics drafting Terry Rozier at #16 last night, but one of the silver linings for those who are up in arms about the selection is that it could open some doors for the pursuit of some big names.

CeltMaster Kevin O'Connor combs through the strategy in a great article:

Ainge has talked about the value in finding players who can create shots for themselves. They already have Thomas who can do that, but it doesn't hurt to have another. Rozier is one of the fastest guards in the draft with his ability to accelerate and get to top speed in a flash. He's terrific at splitting screens and has a very low turnover percentage. He knows how to get to the cup, though he is only an average finisher.

Rozier is very good at creating space for himself off the dribble, but he must improve as a shooter off the dribble, and to extend his range. It's likely that the Celtics are very happy with Smart, but he hasn't shown that he can consistently or effectively hit shots off the dribble. Rozier is a better overall shooter than him, both on-ball and off-ball.

In many respects, Rozier is comparable to Smart. He's a lockdown defender who plays a high intensity style of basketball and has a strong will to win. He can be annoyingly frustrating on offense with some of his passes and shots, but there aren't many situations that could've helped him develop into a better decision-maker.

The choice of Rozier might even make Smart more expendable in a trade for DeMarcus Cousins, or some other big name target that becomes available. If the Celtics were reluctant to deal Smart before, they now at least have a player they feel comfortable with who can do a lot of the same things, maybe even at a higher level offensively, though they'd still prefer to keep him for the long haul.

Getting a slightly better version of something you already have isn't that exciting, but being able to turn it into something impactful could help make more sense of the Celtics' 2015 NBA Draft.

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