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Uncertainty and flexibility at the end of the Celtics roster

Rent, don't buy.

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There's a whole lot of changes coming this summer, fireworks or not.  Even if the team can't pull off a major upgrade, they've got a lot of minor decisions to make at the back end of the roster.

Potentially coming in: Draft picks Terry Rozier, R.J. Hunter, Jordan Mickey, Marcus Thornton, and Colton Iverson.

Potentially leaving via free agency: Jae Crowder (though everyone believes he'll be back), Brandon Bass, Luigi Datome, and Jonas Jerebko.

There are also some non-guaranteed guys that could be traded or waived to make room.  I'll let Forsberg explain.

Roster Reset: We're on to free agency ... - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

Third-year guard Phil Pressey finds himself in an awkward spot after a draft in which Boston added three guards. His modest $947,000 contract for next season doesn't become guaranteed until July 15, which means the Celtics will get a chance to both examine their newcomers and explore free agency before deciding whether to carry Pressey. Babb is in a similar situation with no guarantee date on his deal. Both Babb and Pressey could be trade fodder with the receiving team able to waive them for slight salary relief.

That's a lot of uncertainty but it also gives the team a good amount of flexibility.  If the team can manage to consolidate their assets to land a bigger fish, they'll have the ability to add or keep a bunch of guys to fill out the end of the bench.  If not, they might be able to package a few of them together for future assets.  Failing that, the last resort is to simply let some of them leave and fill out the roster with the best 15 players.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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