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Celtics will have packed summer league teams

That's a lot of youngsters.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics made a whopping 4 draft picks on Thursday night.  Add that to an already young roster and the green team is looking positively green.  Here's a look at the Celtics roster (thus far) via FLCeltsFan. (Click the link for the full schedule of games)

2015 Celtics Summer League - Utah and Las Vegas | celtics fans only!

Returning Celtics:
Marcus Smart
Chris Babb
James Young

This Year's Draft picks:
Terry Rozier
R.J. Hunter
Jordan Mickey
Marcus Thornton

Other Invitees:
Jonathan Holmes 6'9" forward out of Texas
Colton Iverson 7' center, 2013 draft pick- third season with Celtics SLTeam
Erick Buckner 6'10" forward out of Georgia State
Corey Walden 6'3" guard out of Eastern Kentucky
Malcolm Miller 6'7" forward out of Holy Cross
Royce O'Neale 6'6" forward out of Baylor

In addition to the drafted guys, I'm curious to see if Holmes has staying power.  He was seen on some draft boards as a late first round talent but ended up going undrafted.

Speaking of which, some might be scratching their heads over why Robert Upshaw, the talented but troubled big man, went undrafted and wasn't invited to the Celtics summer league team.  Basically teams like the Celtics were just not willing to roll the dice on his character issues.

Celtics prioritize ‘high-character’ guys | Boston Herald

"With a young team, I don’t think we really needed to deal with that," the source said of Upshaw, who will play for the Lakers’ summer league entry in Las Vegas and who has sworn to teams, the Celtics included, that he’s trying to change. But Stevens is trying to build on his culture. He wants high-character players known for work ethic.

We will also get another look at draft-n-stash center Colton Iverson to see if he's progressed enough to get a shot with the club.  And as we've stated before, this could be an important time for James Young, in particular since the Celtics just drafted a guy that could make him dispensable in RJ Hunter.

By the way, if you are curious about the rookies new jersey numbers, here they are.

Terry Rozier - No. 12
R.J. Hunter - No. 28
Jordan Mickey - No. 55
Marcus Thornton - No. 27

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