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NBA Finals Game 2 Gamethread - Warriors vs. Cavaliers

Sunday, June 7 at Golden State, 8 p.m. ET (ABC)

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The Cavaliers and Warriors gave us a thrilling overtime in game 1.  The fun continues tonight when the two teams meet again for game 2.

Paul Flannery breaks down the first game and looks at the series matchup as follows:

The Warriors dared LeBron to beat them, and he almost did -

Context is everything with the Warriors. It's the reason they can miss 17 threes and still make enough of them to be effective. It's why Draymond Green can emerge as an effective force and why Harrison Barnes starts over Iguodala. It's why Kerr can wait until the very last minute -- or at least the last three -- to go with a smaller lineup in overtime that helped put this one away. It's also why Kerr can use 10 players and all of them can make a positive contribution, from Mo Speights scoring eight points in eight minutes to Festus Ezeli starting the overtime to try and win the tip and gain an extra possession.

The Cavs don't have that kind of luxury. They have eight players in the rotation and really only six when you get down to it. Four of them: LeBron, Irving, J.R. Smith and Timofey Mozgov took 83 of Cleveland's 94 shots and scored 92 of its 100 points. Their offense was reduced to its blunt essentials, which were James isolated in the post and Irving creating shots off the dribble. And it almost worked. This was star power stripped down to its essential core: Give the ball to your best player and get out of the way.

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