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NBA Finals Game 3 Gamethread - Warriors vs. Cavaliers

Can Curry bounce back?

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Game 2 featured a lot of LeBron James doing LeBron James things and not a whole lot of Stephen Curry doing Stephen Curry things.

LeBron explains how the Cavaliers' 'grit squad' won Game 2 -

The Warriors scored only 14 points in the third quarter, their lowest total of the postseason. They shot less than 40 percent for the first time this postseason. Curry, the reigning Most Valuable Player and one of the greatest shooters who ever played, was scoreless when matched up against Matthew Dellavedova in the half court.

"It had everything to do with Delly," James said. "He just kept a body on Steph. He made Steph work. He was spectacular, man, defensively. We needed everything from him."

Curry's response to the question of what Dellavedova was able to do against him was telling.The Warriors were not in the mood to hand out praise.

"Nothing really, just besides playing their game plan and playing defense like every pro is supposed to," Curry said.  "Not giving up on any possession. But I doubt this will happen again, with the adjustments I'll make once I'll look at the film. And like I said, one game is not going to make me stop shooting or alter my confidence at all."

Personally I'd expect Curry to bounce back with a more typical performance tonight.  Watch and see! (And comment below)

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