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CelticsBlog MailBag Answers: 2015 NBA Draft Edition Part 2

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Here's Part 2 of the CelticsBlog NBA Draft Mailbag. In this edition we're looking at draft risks and preferences, among other subjects. Stay tuned for Part 3 later this week.

The C's haven't been big into draft & stash over the years, but even with the possibility of trading up, they may have some surplus. Anyone to get excited about in the 40's? -Vince Clortho

Vince, there is plenty to get excited about in the second round, but it's important to keep in mind these guys might withdraw if they don't get first round guarantees. Aleksandar Vezenkov comes to mind. He's an incredible shooter who can literally splash from anywhere. He also has a diverse offensive skillset inside. However, he's a zero on the defensive end. Cedi Osman is a player that I think fits the Celtics mold. He reminds me a lot of Evan Turner in terms of his versatility, but he plays much differently. Where Turner is slow, Osman is fast. He seriously doesn't slow down. I think he'll develop into a better shooter too. His defense is questionable though.

Who do you NOT want the Cs to pick? - MikeJelly

Hey Mike, I don't want the Celtics to pick Kelly Oubre. I think he has bust written all over him, if he's picked in the lottery. Oubre certainly has talent and he's incredibly athletic, but he's an awful ball handler and that's something I consider a "fatal flaw," if you're expecting him to be anything more than a complementary player. He does have the tools to defend at a high level, but I question his mental makeup, since often times we saw him fade on that end in a Jeff Green kind of way. Oubre could turn out to be another one of those, "he's solid, but imagine what he could be" type of players."

I loved the draft guide last year. Can't wait for the 2015 version. What is a more valuable trade chip: the C's first rounder's this year when they out performed expectations or the Nets 1st rounder next year? - ActuaryAndrew

Hey Andrew, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my guide. I think this year's Celtics first is more valuable, simply because it's immediate. There is no guarantee the Nets take a step back next year. And even if they're the #10 pick, that might have equal value to this year's #16 since the draft may not be as strong.

Do you think selecting Upshaw with the 16th pick would be too risky? - istok24

I would've said maybe one week ago, but I'd say yes today. I'm worried about his reported heart problem more than his drug addiction. Upshaw and the organization can do things to help him through a drug issue, but you can't do anything about many medical problems. If he's cleared, I'd be comfortable with him at #28 or #33. I think the Celtics have the infrastructure in place to help him.

It seems to me that Myles Turner is being severely underrated at this point in the draft process. Why is his name not more associated with the Celtics given their need for a center? -- atitelbaum

I wouldn't worry about what the consensus is saying about Myles Turner. He has a lot of talent. Turner is a 7-foot, shot blocking big man that can hit threes. That's a pretty appealing combination of skills, but I don't think his name is associated with the Celtics very much because he doesn't help the team now. He's years away from making an impact and the Celtics might not be able to afford to wait for him to develop. Despite saying that, the Celtics won't be afraid to take the player the believe is the best player available. I just don't see them trading up for Turner.

Kevin, Great draft preview last year, can't wait for this one. With our two biggest needs being a rim protector and a shooter, who do you see as our top draft prospects at our picks? Thanks. -- FromBoston2LAWithLove

Thank you! The best rim protector available at #16 is a difficult question to answer, since Willie Cauley-Stein and Myles Turner will both be off the board. That means Bobby Portis, Robert Upshaw, or Montrezl Harrell. Portis isn't much of a shot blocker, but he is a good defender. Upshaw is an incredible shot blocker, but he has problems off the court. And Harrell is a very good defender, but isn't an underwhelming rebounder, which the Celtics also need. As for the best shooter available at #16, I think that's R.J. Hunter or Devin Booker.

What's up Kevin, what is your dream trade option for the Cs on draft night?" -- DHall2105

Hey DHall, let's be super unrealistic here just for fun. How about a 3-way: Celtics receive #4 from the Knicks. Pistons receive #16, Kelly Olynyk, #45. Knicks receive #8, #28, and Brooklyn's 2016 first. The Celtics would then select Willie Cauley-Stein at #4, giving them the best defensive player in the draft.

Can we trade up to the fourth spot? -ladyboy

Despite the fantasy trade in the prior question, that's highly unlikely to ever happen. I think the Celtics have enough assets to do it, but I think they'd rather save them as ammo for another trade.

I hate WCS, so if the celtics trade up, who would be the best fit in your opinion? I feel Winslow would be an awesome pick up but he's a reach and after that I don't know if the Celtics need to trade up. -- Jdavidowitz

Justise Winslow would be a nice pick. I think Mario Hezonja would bring an offensive spark to the team from day one. He's an assassin shooter that can fill it up from anywhere. He reminds me of Klay Thompson in that sense, though I hate to put that comparison out there. He's just that talented of a shooter. Hezonja might be a little bit of a head-case, but sometimes that's the special ingredient needed to be a star.

Are you releasing a draft guide again this year? -- ComeBackTruth34

Yes I am! It'll be out this Friday. You can pre-order now if you'd like. Here are the details:

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