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Isaiah Thomas reveals he had hand surgery

Thomas goes under the knife

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas revealed over the weekend that he had surgery last month to remove a cyst on his left hand that was caused by a procedure he underwent last summer.

The lefthanded shooter joked that he has been spending his recovery time working on his game with his right hand, indicating that he is in good spirits. Thomas says that he should be back to 100 percent within 2-4 weeks.

Thomas underwent surgery on his wrist last August, but returned in time for training camp with the Phoenix Suns. The cyst developed as a result of that surgery.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens explained to The Boston Globe that the decision was made at the end of the season to have the procedure done. Stevens expressed that there are no long-term ill effects from the issue and expects Thomas to be ready in time for training camp.

It sounds like a relatively minor procedure that shouldn't be an issue for Thomas going forward, but anytime a player goes under the knife it's bound to raise some concern. The fact that Thomas wasn't sporting a wrap or brace on his wrist when he attended the Celtics' summer league game last Thursday is a good sign.

Thomas should have plenty of time to shake off any rust before training camp begins, but it's worth keeping an eye on to see if he is hesitant at all with his left hand. He should be fine and hopefully the only long-term ramification of this procedure is that it forced him to work on going to his right while waiting for his left hand to heal.

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