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Jared Dudley on Brad Stevens: "Some people just get it at a young age."

Jared Dudley, now with the Wizards and just coming off back surgery to repair a herniated disk, went on The Lowe Post podcast with Zach Lowe and spoke candidly on NBA subjects for over an hour as only someone on post-surgery pain medication could. But when Lowe brought up the topic of NBA coaches, Dudley really perked up over the Boston Celtics' Brad Stevens.

Here's a transcription of Dudley's exchange with Lowe:

Dudley: To be honest with you, who I've been hearing great things [about] ... Brad Stevens. That's the buzz going around the league right now.

Lowe: So who do you hear that from? From Celtics players?

Dudley: Players. Players, ex-players. I played with Jerryd Bayless who played for him. Obviously back then he was a rookie coach the first couple of years, but he was coaching like a vet. He knew when to give rest to guys, not to be in practice too long, his X's and O's, his confidence instilled in players. He was playing a lot of different guys. He just knew it. Some people just get it at a young age.

These are good things for the future of the Boston Celtics.

You can check out the full podcast of The Lowe Post over here. The coaching segment starts around the 42:00 mark.

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