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NBA trade rumor: Celtics working on more moves

Danny might not be done yet.

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You get the feeling from the David Lee trade that there are more moves to be made in the wake of this deal.  Actually, the whole roster seems to be on shifting sand and has been since the day Pierce and Garnett were traded.  While there's nothing specifically mentioned, Steve Bulpett indicates that Danny might not be done dealing this week.

Bulpett: David Lee trade only makes sense if Celtics have more coming | Boston Herald

This one isn’t even done. According to league sources, the sides are still figuring out how best to structure the transaction to take advantage of the "War and Peace" tome that is the NBA collective bargaining agreement. In addition, the Celtics are said to be hard at work on potential corollary moves that will give more sense to all of this, though at present they have no other solid agreements.

The roster was unbalanced and overloaded before this deal and if anything Lee only complicates matters more.  He joins a frontcourt that already consists of newly acquired Amir Johnson and holdovers Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, and Tyler Zeller.  You can throw rookie Jordan Mickey into the mix as well, but nobody will be too surprised to see him spend time in the D-League to start his career.

That's 5 guys in the big rotation even if you factor in potential injuries it doesn't make a lot of sense to add two veteran bigs unless one of the younger ones might be relocating elsewhere.

As we've covered already, there's a lot of point guards on the roster.  Can't fault the team for drafting talent over need but at some point the points need to be pointed in the right direction if you get my point.

There are a good amount of shooting guards (or wings, as Brad Stevens likes to call them) but it isn't clear if James Young or RJ Hunter can be counted on for rotation mintues.  Crowder and Jerebko are both being re-signed to man the swing position (small forward and/or playmaking 4's).

Then there's Evan Turner.

Breaking down the David Lee deal - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

What happens now? With the addition of first-round pick Rozier and the team's desire for Smart to play pure point guard, Evan Turner appears a bit expendable. He was a valuable Swiss Army Knife last season, but his role is murkier as Boston's younger players start developing at his positions. Turner has a salary-friendly deal and could be of value on the trade market.

In general, it seems like there's a whole lot of rotation guys but no stars.  It seems like this is more of a holding pen of trade assets than it is a cohesive roster.  Brad Stevens has proven that he can make silk from the sow's ears that Ainge gives him, but the man can only do so much.

At some point Danny has to take these multitudes of assets and turn them into a few good pieces in return.  Patience must continue to be preached but I'm hoping that we learn some more about the plan come July 9th when the free agent moratorium is lifted.

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