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Which Celtics player is least likely to stick on the 15 man roster?

...and the first contestant voted off the island will be...

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Forsberg continues his Summer Forecast series with the question of who will be the most likely to leave Boston before the roster has to be reduced to 16.  A number of people said Perry Jones III but I thought that answer was too easy so I went another direction.

Boston Celtics Summer Forecast: Who's gone by October? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

Jeff Clark, CelticsBlog (Turner)

I've been pleasantly surprised by Turner's contributions on the Celtics. He is a prime example of a buy-low kind of guy. He came in with something to prove and stepped up when the team needed him. He's a multiskilled, valuable contributor, and I think a lot of teams would value that enough to make an offer for him. Given the roster crunch, I think he's pretty expendable for the Celtics, so I could see them making a move to add another future asset and reduce the roster by dealing Turner.

Yes, yes, call me a hater if you like, but I did say some nice things about him too.  If the Celtics go in another direction and keep Turner around, he'll continue to be a great utility guy for Stevens to plug-and-play with.

Of course all this will be moot when Ainge pulls off his master-stroke 4 team, 11 player, 5 draft pick, 2 draft swaps trade just before the season begins.

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