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Chad Ford's 2016 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

A super, super early look at the draft.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't even started training camp yet and already we're looking at the NBA draft?  Sure, why not?

Chad Ford has published his first mock draft (insider only).  In order to do the mock, he had to make a lot of assumptions about where teams will land in the standings.  ESPN's brain trust ended up putting the Nets in the 7th spot and Ford believes that they could fall even farther than that (like to 3rd or 4th).

At 7 Ford has the Celtics picking Malik Pope, a small forward from San Diego State.  He has another  another small forward named Jaylen Brown from California going number 3 to the Nuggets.  Also, it is worth mentioning that the Nets pick is unprotected, so in theory, if the Celtics won the lottery, they might be looking at Ben Simmons.

The Celtics own pick is slated for number 15 and he has the Mavericks finishing with the 16th pick, which would be transferred to the Celtics via the Rondo trade (top 7 protected).  With those two picks he has them taking Ivan Rabb (PF from Cal) and Zhou Qi (a potential draft-n-stash big from China).

So there's your 2016 draft.  Of course there's the small matter of actually playing the season, and seeing how the lottery changes things, and what kinds of trades the Celtics pull off, and about a million other factors.  You know, details.

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