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Which Celtics player is most likely to underachieve?

Least likely to succeed? That sounds mean.

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And now for the #hatehard portion of our show.

The latest Summer Forecast entry is about which player we think is going to be the "biggest underachiever" this season.

A lot of folks picked James Young.  Here's my apologetic rationale:

Boston Celtics Summer Forecast: Room for improvement - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

It almost isn't fair to count out a guy who still isn't old enough to buy alcohol, but he's playing with the big boys and it would be nice to see some progress from Young this season. He's got the talent to be a very nice NBA player, but he gets my nod for "most likely underachiever" if only because he hasn't shown us anything so far.

Meanwhile, our other writers selected a couple of new guys to the team.  Kevin picked Amir Johnson (only because of potential injuries) and Bill Sy selected David Lee (skeptical about what kind of playing time he'll get).  Other panelists picked (or is it picked on?) guys like Jared Sullinger, Avery Bradley, and Jae Crowder.

I think "underachiever" is all relative anyway, since it fundamentally depends on where your expectations are at for a player going into the season. Some might be expecting All Star numbers from Sullinger, so anything less would be underachieving.  I'm personally hoping for a solid season from him where he makes incremental improvements and becomes more consistent.

So I'm not even going to bother with a poll on this.  If you want to "vote" for your own underachiever, you'll just have to leave a comment and explain your expectations to the class.

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