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Arlington, MA native Pat Connaughton was nearly drafted by Celtics

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There's always a lot going on with regard to hindsight on NBA drafts. Some of that perspective for 2015 hits close to home. Arlington, MA native Pat Connaughton was "really, really close" to be drafted by the Boston Celtics back in June, but things just didn't shake out for the homecoming.

Here's how Jay King at describes the situation:

The way one team source has described things to MassLive, the Celtics were considering selecting a big man, maybe Larry Nance, with their first-round pick. But after the Los Angeles Lakers surprised everyone by picking Nance at No. 27, Boston opted to go for the best player available -- in this case, R.J. Hunter. Had they picked a frontcourt player at the end of the first round, the Celtics would have felt comfortable adding Connaughton at No. 33. But after picking two perimeter players, Hunter and Terry Rozier, they did not consider acquiring a third one wise and opted to choose Jordan Mickey instead.

For shame, but hopefully the young gun finds success with the Blazers.

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