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CelticsBlog Trivia: Russell vs. Chamberlain quiz

The best winner vs. the most dominant individual

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If one wishes to try the harder All-Star edition of the quiz, try to answer the questions without looking at the multiple choice offerings.

Finger roll layin-What ex-Celtic center replaced an injured Chamberlain late in game seven of the 1969 Finals and almost helped the Lakers rally past Boston before falling 108-106 as Wilt watched from the bench?
A) John Thompson B? Mel Counts

Dunk-True or false: A Bill Russell Celtic team never lost to a Wilt Chamberlain squad in the playoffs.
A) True B) False

Free throw-What other Hall of Fame big man (besides Wilt) did Russell and the Celtics defeat when they beat the Warriors in the 1964 Finals?
A) Tom Meschery B) Nate Thurmond C) Neil Johnston

Free throw-Who pulled down the most rebounds in NBA history?
A) Wilt Chamberlain B) Bill Russell C) Moses Malone

Jump shot-How many times did Russell and Chamberlain face off in the NBA Finals?*what two Celtics retired after winning the title in their last game over LA in 1969
A) One B) Two C) Three D) Four

Jump shot-In their dramatic (and last) game seven showdown at LA in the 1969 Finals, both Wilt and Russ were playing with five fouls in the final period when Chamberlain took himself out of the game with what type of injury? *name the Laker coach who refused to put Wilt back in the game in the final minutes for an extra point
A) Sprained ankle B) Twisted knee C) Dislocated finger
D) Strained back

Hook shot-Which of the following is NOT true about the unusual friendship between Wilt and Russ? *for a three-point play, what were the middle names of both giants
A) They typicaly called each other by their middle name
B) They used to nap at each other's home and/or eat dinner there on road trips
C) They did not speak for years after Russell publicly criticized Wilt for taking himself out of game 7 in the 1969 Finals D) Wilt dated Russell's wife before they were married

Jump shot-In the final seconds of game 7 in the 1965 Eastern Finals with Boston ahead by a point, Russell threw the ball off a wire to give the 76ers a chance to win. But John Havlicek intercepted the in-bounds pass intended for which 76er to preserve the victory?*for an extra point who threw the pass
A) Wilt Chamberlain B) Hal Greer C) Billy Cunningham
D) Chet Walker

3-pointer-Almost everyone knows Wilt was a notoriously bad foul shooter with a 51 percent career average, but what did Russell shoot from the charity stripe over his career?
A) 52 B) 54 C) 56 D) 58 E) 60

3-pointer-Supreme athletes Wilt and Russ were both ranked nationally at one time in what track and field event?*for a 4-point play, how many times did Wilt win the regular season MVP award compared to Russell
A) 400 meters B) High jump C) Long jump D) Triple jump E) 800 meters

25 points is the highest possible score; extra points only apply if the correct answer is given first.


Answers to the Celtics vs. Lakers Quiz

Layup-A) 9-3 Boston

Dunk-B) Clutch Dennis Johnson swished a 20-footer just before the buzzer on a Larry Bird feed to beat the Lakers 107-105 in game four of the 1985 NBA Finals.

Free throw-B) Paul Pierce was named MVP of the 2008 NBA Finals.

Free throw-C) Bob Cousy sprained his ankle late in game 6 of the 1963 Finals at LA yet returned to lead Boston to title-clinching win in his final NBA game.

Jump shot-B) James Worthy floated the ill-advised crosscourt pass in the waning seconds of game 2 in the 1984 Finals which Gerald Henderson picked off before sinking the game-tying layup. Earvin Johnson then inexplicably dribbled out the final seconds of regulation to force OT, which Boston won to even the series.
A) Earvin Johnson B) James Worthy

Jump shot-Celtic reserve Scott Wedman nailed the game-winning left baseline jumper with 15 seconds left in overtime of Game 2 in the 1984 Finals to give the Celtics a 122-121 lead.
Robert Parish then stole the ball from Bob McAdoo in the corner on the ensuing play and Bird hit two foul shots to clinch the victory.

Hook shot-Hustling third-string center Greg Kite grabbed nine rebounds and rejected a fast break layup by Earvin Johnson to inspire Boston to a 109-103 win over LA in game three of the 1987 Finals.
Despite scoring zero points to 30 by Larry Bird, Kite may have been the game MVP.

Jump shot-Boston is 4-1 in seventh games vs. the Lakers. They edged LA in 1962, 1966, 1969 and 1984, and lost a nailbiter in 2010.

3-pointer-D) Guard Frank Selvy missed an open 14-footer from the left wing as time expired in game 7 of the 1962 Finals, forcing an overtime session that Boston won 110-107. Curiously, Hot Rod Hundley passed to Selvy instead of Jerry West or Elgin Baylor, but Selvy (who scored 100 points in a college game for Furman) was open.

3-pointer-C) Tom Heinsohn never faced the Lakers in an NBA Finals, although he was one win away from facing them in 1973.
Center Mel Counts helped Boston beat LA in the 1965 and '66 Finals, and then almost helped the Lakers rally to beat the Celtics in game 7 of the 1969 Finals
Red Auerbach beat the Lakers in 1959-62-63-65-66. Bill Russell beat LA as player-coach in 1968 and 1969. Doc Rivers turned the trick in 2008 while K.C. Jones led the Celts over LA in 1984.

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