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Danny Ainge does not believe (or see) your Twitter sorcery

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As well all know, right now things are peachy keen across the board for most basketball teams. The motivation's been found. The new insurance plan's selected. The lawn's been mowed. And according to Jared Sullinger's Twitter feed, some weight's been lost.

However, Chris Forsberg at ESPN let's us know that Danny Ainge doesn't place his faith in the mere "photographic evidence" of your new-fangled Twitter:

"I skim through it," Ainge said with a smile at Tuesday's eighth annual Shamrock Foundation "Teeing Up For Kids" golf tournament at Old Sandwich Golf Club.

And does he like what he sees?

"My eyes aren't good enough to see the Twitter pictures, nor do I believe most of the Twitter pictures," added Ainge. "But I'm not worried about that. I know Jared's put in a lot of work this summer and it's a big year for him and for us and I'm confident he's gonna have a terrific year."

All of Boston's players will be in town by week's end for the start of training camp and Ainge will get an up-close look. For now, Ainge is simply excited to get everybody back in the gym together after the strong finish to the 2014-15 campaign.

"We're anxious to get back, like a kid coming back to school," said Ainge. "I'm anxious to see what it's all about. We have some new faces that are exciting and I'm anxious to see how much improvement the players have made through the hard work they've put in with the coaches this summer."

It might come across as a little crotchety from Ainge, but I like where his head's at. Weight loss is great, but it makes no guarantees for a player's performance. Everyone's excited about the fresh energy coming into camp, but the results on the court, not the numbers on the scale, are all that matters.