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Celtics rank 10th in ESPN's Future Power Rankings

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Not too shabby.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

For the past several years the folks over at ESPN have published a "Future Power Rankings" that tries to express how they feel each team is set up for the next 3 years.

NBA - 2015 Future Power Rankings (Insider)

It turns out that the Celtics came in 10th (with the biggest jump of any team in the league) which puts them just ahead of the Wizards and just behind the Jazz and Thunder.

Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton were the ones that came up with these rankings and they scored the Celtics high on the draft (quantity of picks) and management (which included Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge both getting high marks).

They ranked pretty low in the "players" category due to the lack of stars, but they also had the biggest jump from the previous year due to the fact that the players "appear much more capable" than they did 12 months ago.  Funny how winning cures all.

So things are starting to look up in Boston.  Of course, we knew that already.  It is just nice to see someone from the outside affirm those thoughts.