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At the podium: Marcus Smart

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

After suffering a couple of dislocated fingers during Summer League play in Las Vegas this summer, Marcus Smart insisted his hand is now 100 percent healed, saying that he's "back in action and ready to go."

And while the injury never really threatened to alter his season, Smart did admit that last November's ankle sprain hindered his performance for most of the year.

"I couldn't really do what I'm capable of to help the team," the second-year guard said, citing his defensive efforts as being one of the main aspects of his game the ankle injury altered.

He also claimed he plans to attack the basket more often this year, another thing he couldn't really do as much last season because of injury.

Having Smart at his best on both ends of the floor this year will have a large effect on the Celtics' success. Boston will just have to hope the dance battle between Smart and James Young doesn't get too serious ("I'm the better dancer. If James comes to me, we can figure it out.")