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AB sat down with Amanda Pflugrad and Marc D'Amico at Media Day.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
  • got married in August, Rondo attended the wedding
  • after two big summers personally (signing a big contract last year, getting married this year), would love to see the team win a championship this year
  • looking to get better at the corner 3
  • "sometimes you want skip the regular season because the playoffs are so fun"
  • Avery's a home body, you might see him at the mall but not out at the clubs
  • reserved in the locker room, would rather lead by example like the leaders that taught him
  • focused on getting to the basket and free throw line, worked on his ball handling, he knows he's athletic enough, but maybe breaking his ankle his rookie year made him a little hesitant
  • looked to gain respect in the locker room as a worker so that he could speak up later when he wanted to point something out
  • knows he can be on All-Defensive team, looking for a nickname for him and Marcus Smart like the "pitbulls" with Courtney Lee