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Amanda Pflugrad and Marc D'Amico sat down with Danny Ainge.

Darren McCollester/Getty Images
  • won the golf tournament earlier in the week (!)
  • Upside creates competition, depth helps in a long season, but there will be opportunity for everybody
  • David Lee and Amir Johnson are great vets, easy to listen to, have humility about what it takes to have a career in this league
  • until the right deal comes around, the focus is on development
  • Terry Rozier will have to do more than play D to find time on the floor, a combination of Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart, improved offensively in summer league in his pick and roll play and shooting
  • "who (Terry Rozier) is is just as important as what he is," loves his competitive nature
  • Jordan Mickey has a presence around the rim like nobody else does on this roster, can run the floor but needs to improve his outside shooting
  • R.J. Hunter became a competent defender in summer league, very smart, impressed how quickly he picked things up in Utah and Vegas
  • James Young has made great strides defensively, slowly growing up and becoming a better professional, "I'm just as high on James as he was on the day I drafted him"